Title: Linux Kernel Test Model Based on Business Application Characters


Technical Area: System Software



Currently Alibaba is deploying Linux 4.x based kernel version on all systems, multiple iterations are made within one year to benefit from latest kernel improvement and bugfixes. As a huge Internet and cloud company, there are thousands of business applications running on millions of systems with a very strict requirement on reliability. It is a big challenge to make the new kernel deployment smooth in such a short period in addition to kernel stability assurance.


We have been developing a kernel test system. Most of open source test suites and newly developed test cases were integrated against kernel subareas. As a part of continuous integration (CI), a few business application related test suites are also run when new kernel version is released. In this way, we can assure the common kernel quality in some degree, actually many kernel bugs were found and fixed during the period.


But the test coverage is not enough yet, there are thousands of business applications inside Alibaba, they are very complicated with different workloads on the kernel, many of kernel bugs were still found after the kernel deployment. The idea is that a test model could be constructed which simulates various application workloads on the kernel, so the application related issues could be exposed before the kernel release.



Alibaba business scenarios could be available for research and verification purpose, researchers can dynamically collect production statistics used for analysis and design. A proof theory should be developed with a POC provided, the expected output may include but not limit to:


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