Title: Distributed Transactions and Distributed Query Processing


Technical Area: Database



We are living in the age of big data. Enterprises are constantly challenged by strikingly different usage patterns around big data e.g. OLTP, OLAP, logging, and off-line analysis, etc. HTAP database is a fast-emerging trend. A hybrid database product that supports both online transaction processing and analytics has the potential to become one-stop solution for meeting most of the requirements of enterprise-level applications.


Current OLTP systems either do not support distributed transactions or do so through a single master/coordinator for transactional consistency. This not only introduces a single point of failure in the cluster but also limits the ability to scale horizontally. Spanner does provide distributed transaction concurrency based on prohibitively expensive special hardware (GPS plus Atomic Clock). A more cost effective, high performing and scalable distributed transaction solution is needed. In OLAP world, an effective and high quality distributed SQL query plan is the key factor. A distributed query plan must take into account resources like hardware, network throughput, disk layout, etc. Many of these resources are dynamically changing in distributed environment and this state of constant flux makes it quite challenging to incorporate such factors in query plan generation in an efficient and scalable manner.



The main target is to build a scale out database cluster with high performance distributed transaction processing and high performance distributed SQL query processing. The measurable outputs of this research may include but are not limited to:


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