Alibaba Research Fellowship(ARF)

Alibaba Research Fellowship (ARF) provides scholars worldwide with a unique opportunity to work with Alibaba’s researchers and engineers for at least 3 months.

Initiated by one of the world-leading technology company, ARF Program enables scholars to bring their expertise to Alibaba’s day to day operation and gain hands-on experience in addressing technological challenges faced by modern society.

By joining ARF, you will gain professional support from Alibaba’s technical experts, access substantial amount of computing resources, contribute to the cutting-edge research in the industry and make real social impact through technological innovation. In addition, research intern positions in Alibaba are also available for your students assisting in your research.

Alibaba Research Fellowship Applicant Requirements

  • Ph.D. or equivalent degree
  • Currently holding a full-time research faculty position in China or overseas universities and other research institutes
  • Have been working as an assistant professor (or above) for at least 2 years
  • Equipped with outstanding research capability and sophisticated problem solving skills
  • Proficient in Chinese or English
  • Obtain official approval from current employer(s) for participating ARF
  • For non-Chinese citizens, please make sure to prepare Chinese visa with appropriate visa type
  • Able to work in Alibaba for at least 3 months

  • Application Due

    The 2018 AIR application period closes on Sunday, July 1, 2018, at 11:59 PM Beijing Time.

    Applications Requirements

  • Include research proposal (Template English/Chinese) and curriculum vitae
  • Include citation if applicable
  • MUST be written in English or Chinese

  • How to Apply

    Please kindly review current topics we released and submit your online-application with Chinese/English resume and research proposal. Please use proper citations in your application. Plagiarism or other violation of academic integrity will not be tolerated. Make sure that all application materials is submitted in time. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

    Select your research area carefully to ensure your proposal is evaluated by reviewers from relevant fields. Also, DO NOT send any confidential or proprietary information in your proposal. Any information you send us as part of your application will be considered non-confidential regardless of any markings or designations on it.