Alibaba Internship Program (AIP)

Alibaba Internship Program aims to provide graduate students with opportunities to apply their academic knowledge and research skills to solving real problems in the industry.

In Alibaba, we value your passion, excellence and dedication. In this program, the candidates are expected to independently complete a project coming from the real-life business scenes in Alibaba, and will be supervised by top scientists and engineers from Alibaba or well-known universities worldwide.

You fit to us if

Needed qualifications and skills

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Statement Requirements

This is a paid internship position within Alibaba, which primarily involves working on a project alongside and as part of a team of Alibaba researchers. Successful applicants will benefit from comprehensive training and professional mentorship, and accumulate hands-on industry experience while working with Alibaba researchers, engineers, and product teams.

How to Apply

Please kindly review current topics we released and submit your online-application with Chinese/English resume and research statement. Please use proper citations in your application. Plagiarism or other violation of academic integrity will not be tolerated. Make sure that all application materials is submitted in time. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Select your research area carefully to ensure your research statement is evaluated by reviewers from relevant fields. Also, DO NOT send any confidential or proprietary information in your proposal. Any information you send us as part of your application will be considered non-confidential regardless of any markings or designations on it.